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Stealing Horses

"Someone to steal horses with" is a literal translation of the German saying "jemand zum Pferde stehlen", meaning a person you can rely on when doing something out of the ordinary together.

It has been seven years, with at least one hundred concerts, two tours, (Norway and Italy), two full stage opera productions, four commissioned works, (Hajdu, Scolnic, Ben Moshe, Shenhav), playing for president Peres, performing with international soloists (Inbal Meggiddo, Sergiu Schwartz, Sigyn Fossness, Pei-Wen Liao, Lihay Bendayan) and with many young soloists (most of them orchestra members), seven years of learning, making wonderful music, and giving to the community.

I have received much in those years:

First, I had the privilege of working with intelligent young people who are eager to learn, to expand their musical and cultural horizons, to explore, to experiment and to get out of their comfort zone. Young people who willingly give up other things when they realize someone might need them. Young people who care and want to give. Young people who are as devoted as Dumbldore's Army.

Secondly, I have received much love that was given wholeheartedly.

And finally, I have received hope: hope that some of these young people will want to become leaders, agents of change, and will at least try their best to make our world a better place to live in.

I thank you dear members of the orchestra, and the best thing I can wish you is to never stop stealing horses...

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