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This is my third CD, following 19th Century Pop Music and Mostly Transcriptions Vol. 1.
As I write the transcriptions, I have my students in mind, hoping they, as well as others, find interest in the music I love. Furthermore, I hope that students and other bass players are encouraged to write their own transcriptions as they have always been a creative tool for performing artists. I personally admire Fritz Kreisler, who was an incredible violinist. Although there is enough violin repertoire, he wrote many transcriptions for the violin and so did Jasha Heifetz and others. Bach also found interest in transcribing works of his own for different combinations as well as works of other composers of his era.
As in my other two CDs, this album also includes an original work composed for me by the great Israeli composer Tzvi Avni.
Thank you Alex Tamir, Erel Paz, Avi Elbaz and Seigo Matsunaga for making this happen!

Mostly Transcriptions Vol. 2 CD

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