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For Teacher [NOT] Only Bass Pedagogy DVD

For Teachers [NOT] Only is a new DVD by Michael Klinghoffer that shows all the inside secrets and experience of more  30 years of teaching, playing and researching the Double Bass.

Assuming one is familiar with Michael’s book “Mr. Karr Would You Teach ME How to Drive a Double Bass” and his YouTube videos, Michael  now takes us by the hand, step by step from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, (I assure you it is not what you think…), through all the possible scales on three strings. And then he starts  running around the fingerboard…

You might think he’s crazy… well he is!

But, as a teacher who has so many successful students and as a person who’s method generated so much interest in the entire world of string playing, I guess he must be doing something right…

For Teacher [NOT] Only Bass Pedagogy DVD

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