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Drive a Double Bass - Bass Method


We have just received the second printing of "Mr. Karr, Would You Teach Me How To Drive a Double Bass?"

It is wonderful to know that his book and its accompanying videos on YouTube have helped so many people.

The idea to write the book came to me when I was at Karr camp in 2006.             

One day, in his master class, Maestro Karr tried to explain something to a student. He tried a few times but it didn't really work. Finally, he took the student's bass and bow and started playing. He was not explaining or demonstrating. He played the entire movement.  It was like a prayer or a similar experience. I felt a tear rolling down.

From the very first time, I heard Gary Karr in concert my life has changed. Studying for four years with him changed my views about playing, about music and about teaching.

Moreover, the time I spent with him inspired me and gave me the strength to follow my beliefs and listen to my heart even when I am sailing against the wind.

There was something so unique, almost mystical about that moment at Karr camp, that I decided I had to write this book so that more people knew about Gary Karr's special technique and musicality. Since the book and the videos were released, I have learned that there is a continuous interest in Gary Karr and his legendary contribution to the world of music.

This book is my little tribute to this great man and I hope it would help some people in their quest of finding their own voice. 


For Teachers (NOT) only-DVD

For Teachers [NOT] Only is a new DVD by Michael Klinghoffer that shows all the inside secrets and experience of more  30 years of teaching, playing and researching the Double Bass.

Assuming one is familiar with Michael’s book “Mr. Karr Would You Teach ME How to Drive a Double Bass” and his YouTube videos, Michael  now takes us by the hand, step by step from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, (I assure you it is not what you think…), through all the possible scales on three strings. And then he starts  running around the fingerboard…

You might think he’s crazy… well he is!

But, as a teacher who has so many successful students and as a person who’s method generated so much interest in the entire world of string playing, I guess he must be doing something right…

For Teachers [NOT] Only DVD & Drive a Double Bass Book- Bass Method

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